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Help MAG CEO raise $25K for MAG Foundation campaign to reduce Rx drug abuse. [learn more]

March 3, 2015
Fundraiser Update: DONOR TO MATCH UP TO $10K!
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January 7, 2015
The Medical Center Open to benefit 'Think About It' [learn more]

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Do you know someone with a prescription drug abuse problem?

Statewide, the statistics are staggering. Prescription drug abuse is advancing at alarming rates throughout our population. From law enforcement to educators, from grassroots community efforts to statewide organizations, concerned citizens of Georgia are striving to address the multiple facets of this damaging and costly situation. Prescription drug abusers are not limited to street addicts. Abuse crosses demographic lines and affects all ages. Drugs are easily attained through a physician. Often, medications are prescribed for legitimate reasons but are later diverted to abusers. Drugs are frequently stolen from parents, grandparents, friends or co-workers.

Video: Think About It is helping physicians educate their patients on prescription drug abuse prevention

Recent Happenings

MAG Foundation President Jack Chapman, M.D. accepts the $10,000 contribution from members of the Medical Association of Atlanta at the 2015 House of Delegates.

Dr. Michael Sanseviro, Kennesaw State University Dean of Student Success at the 'Think About It' Rx drug Drop Box Ribbon Cutting with Michael Polachek, Kennesaw State University Student and 'Think About It' co-chair Dallas Gay

'Think About It' co-chair Dallas Gay, Kroger Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator Liza Chapman, Pharm.D., Georgia Pharmacy Association Executive Vice President Scott Brunner and MAG Foundation President Jack Chapman Jr., M.D. at the MAG Foundation Board of Directors reception at the 2015 House of Delegates

'Think About It' Hits the Airwaves!

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